Delivering value to one of the UK’s
leading parcel delivery firms.

Our client benefits from the full spectrum of our Analytics as Service, improving profitability, customer service and revenues – all delivered for one monthly fee.

To learn more about how our big data solutions can help get the best out of your logistics data, take a moment to view just some of the benefits below.

Delivering value to one of the UKs leading parcel delivery firms | Zizo
Improved Profitability | Logistics | Zizo

Improved Profitability

Our client can now analyse the profitability of each contract, helping them deliver over £250k savings in their first year of delivery.

Customer Service | Logistics | Zizo

Customer Service

With the ability to see every track of every item over 2 years, our client is able to offer a quality of customer service which is second to none on the global delivery market.

Enhanced Revenue | Logistics | Zizo

Enhanced Revenue

Being able to view the business from a commercial, financial and operational perspective through a single solution enables our client to drive revenue improvement across all areas of business.

Store Optimisation | Logistics | Zizo

Store Optimisation

Provide sales information for every store, clustered against stores within a pre-determined or calculated peer group. Bring in product analysis, demographics and customer segmentation to get a real understanding of store performance. Enable you in the field teams access to all the required information in a simple and timely manner.

Seasonal Ranging

Bespoke seasonal phasing for Christmas, Easter, High Summer. The application shows the product build on a 1, 2 or 3 year basis, enabling to see sales and markdown when the hot weather came early or late.

Also shows you whether it lasted for only 2 or 4 weeks enabling you to decide how much risk/opportunity you would like to take on highly seasonal stock.

This has the effect of minimising markdown.

Seasonal Ranging | Logistics | Zizo