Is your Data
AI ready?

Are you struggling to harness the power of AI due to data challenges? Is your data causing frustration with its dirtiness or disjointedness? If so, Zizo offers a solution.

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Zizo Simplifying Data Processes | Zizo

Zizo: Simplifying
Data Processes

Zizo stands out as a unique and patented solution crafted to streamline and expedite the intricate data processes required for optimal data utilization.

Empowering Your
Data Journey

Regardless of your role or objectives, Zizo is poised to expedite your path towards maximizing the potential of your most crucial asset: your data.

Empowering Your Data Journey | Zizo

How can we help?

How can Zizo help you?

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Our Solutions

Zizo offer a range of big data analytics solutions for retail off the shelf, or tailored to your business.

Want to know more about products & stores? Interested in where to invest to get the most for your money? Keen to find out who your best customers are? We can help!


Our comprehensive toolset is designed to seamlessly integrate into every stage of the data lifecycle, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability.

Whether you’re cleansing raw data, conducting in-depth analysis, or visualizing insights, each element of our toolkit can function independently or in conjunction with other tools, empowering you to tailor your data workflow to suit your specific needs.


Our client benefits from the full spectrum of our Analytics as Service, improving profitability, customer service and revenues – all delivered for one monthly fee.

To learn more about how our big data solutions can help get the best out of your logistics data, take a moment to view just some of the benefits below.


The Zizo technology stack consists of 3 key elements

ZizoDB | The Zizo Technology


Our unique, in-memory pattern database for storage & compute

Pathway | The Zizo Technology


Codeless development tool for ELT, Data modelling, query building & more

Insight | The Zizo Technology


Our self-service business intelligence and reporting platform