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In order to provide our clients with the best service possible in big data analytics and data analytics for retail, it’s important that Zizo monitors the latest technologies. By keeping up to date with advances in cloud analytics and pattern database services; developing our own cloud analytics technology accordingly, we are able to utilise innovations to achieve the best bid data software for our clients across the retail, insurance and business sectors.

One of our latest discoveries, Slack, has already begun to have an impact on how Zizo develops big data projects and the way in which we support systems. In just a few months, we are already seeing positive outcomes from the implementation of this process.

Slack is a device that can be used to aggregate separate web tools into one place. As well as this, it provides instant messaging between team members, and acts as a platform to upload and share files. With Zizo’s cloud-based analytics system, we are now able to integrate Slack in order to provide continuous insight into the development of complex processes. Slack has also quickly become an integral part of the Zizo Big Data solution.

In addition to using Slack to monitor our backend processes, it can also be used as a lifeline into our frontend web applications. To provide us with complete application status visibility, we use numerous cloud based tools, and in amalgamation with Slack, we now receive notifications when any system or application event occurs; in near real-time. As a result, Zizo is now able to react appropriately, and focus on areas which may require immediate attention.

Zizo focuses on constructing robust systems that are easy to support. And, with the accompaniment of the Slack system, we can further streamline our approach and continue developing technologies to meet the requirements of our clients.

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