Zizo Predictions for 2016

Data, Analytics & Business Intelligence: What do these all mean for businesses in 2016?

Laurence Armiger, Sales Director at Zizo shares his thoughts on key industry trends that will impact on businesses, of all sizes, this year 

1.)The year of the service

The service idea is set to really take off this year – Salesforce’s SAAS model is a good example of this.  As hardware prices continue to fall, and the cloud model gains more acceptance, business owners will realise there is a lot to be gained by sweating your data assets – without spending huge sums of cash!

2.)The cost of analytics will drop

With new solutions constantly being brought to market, you would think the cost of deploying analytical solutions would drop, too. However, to date, this hasn’t been the case. But as we start to look at new ways to explore and deploy data, the Business Intelligence (BI) market will become much more akin to the Salesforce model. At least, that’s the plan…

3.)The Internet of Things (IOT) will really start to take off

We have heard a lot of noise about Machine to Machine and the IoT – but I think 2016 will start to see this technology reach some maturation.  We haven’t seen a full proliferation of sensor deployment yet, but it is coming.  Imagine the conversations your fridge and microwave could be having right now! We will also see the use of more and more algorithms to predict the future.  Be warned, however – we will still need people!

4.)2016 will be even more acquisitive

With Dell buying enterprise hardware giant EMC for a whopping $65 billion towards the end of 2015, I believe we will see even more acquisitions this year.  Big companies are struggling to find gaps in niche markets, and smaller, more agile analytics firms are developing more interesting software and solutions.  So what will the big boys do? Just buy them – and either brush them under the carpet or push them on. But who knows which?

5.)The Business will get BI back, at last!

Business people need data, information and insight.  Many of our peers are still selling to the IT crowd, but self-service analytics can’t give business people what they want – cold hard facts, delivered in a way they understand.  It is now easier than ever to consume data, and consume it how you want, where you want.  So let’s give it back to the business. It’s not called Business Intelligence for nothing.

2016 will definitely be another interesting year for the data industry! Keep up to date with developments by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn


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