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We are proud to announce that we have developed the innovative custom stack, MEAN Material, which fuses two key frameworks – Google’s Material and MEAN.js – to help construct advanced web applications that bring data to life, regardless of which device it is accessed by.

We have created a flexible platform for businesses to be truly responsive across all devices. The enhanced visualisation of applications will hugely benefit businesses in terms of providing functionality to users, offering an intuitive user interface, and delivering cost savings by not having to invest in developing multiple interfaces depending on device accessibility.

Google Material Design assists designers in looking at the function of all aspects of the applications built, resulting in clean, easy to understand interfaces.  The aim of Material is to create a unified experience across all devices i.e. mobile, tablet, and desktop.

MEAN.js (Mongo, Express, Angular and Node JS) is a technology stack that provides a solid foundation for creating business applications by balancing user authentication with business logic to create interactive front ends. Zizo uses the MEAN.js stack as a starting point for all projects of this type, and as such can operate as a basic application set up, running and hosting content in a matter of minutes.

With the rate that device use is changing, it is no longer appropriate to design an application based on a single device, be that desktop, mobile or tablet. In today’s business oriented world, a mobile-first design approach is a prerequisite, and Material is an excellent way to go about this.

We have taken these two technologies, incorporating Material into Mean.js, as a way of simplifying the user interface and presenting our customers with a clearer view of their business across all devices, by removing the noise that can come with a traditional analytical dashboard solution.

With MEAN Material, there is no longer a necessity for iOS, Android and Windows mobile versions of the same application. This new specification lowers development costs and supports any software update, therefore removing the previous requirement for preparedness that was necessary with iOS updates in the past.

Being truly responsive for all devices is something we strongly advocate. Looking forward, we see that in most instances we can solve the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirement of a business with the single deployment of one of our MEAN Material apps.

The flexibility of the apps and the fact that they can connect to almost any data source, while providing outstanding visualisation within the application, generates optimum responsiveness and offers the best user experience.

Laurence Armiger, Sales Director at Zizo


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