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We are pleased to announce that we have joined Intel’s Cloud Service Provider program, enabling Zizo to further enhance our cloud-based analytics offering and provide our customers with the latest technology.

Zizo is an innovative strategic database management solution conceived to meet the challenges of big data analytics for business; allowing organisations to quickly and easily get value and gain insights from their ‘big data’ to understand performance across the business, from operational and financial through to commercial, digital or social.

Now running solely on Intel® Xeon® E7 processors, our big data analytics solution provides exceptional performance and scalability for real-time analytics, operating on multi-terabyte and even petabyte-scale datasets. With their leadership performance for in-memory analytics workloads, large memory capacity and advanced reliability features, these Intel Xeon-based servers provide an infrastructure that delivers accelerated time to insight efficiently and without interruption.

Peter Ruffley, Chairman of Zizo comments: “Zizo is able to help organisations, of any size, understand every cost to their business and turn them from being revenue driven, to being profit driven. What Intel’s technology does is advance our solution, allowing it to run even faster, and allowing us to remain at the forefront of innovation. Something we pride ourselves on.”

“We know that Intel and its network of partners are working together to spread analytics adoption, and with Zizo delivering analytics-as-a-service (as well as our in-memory technology and real-time analytics), we have a definite contribution to make as part of the ecosystem. And whilst having analytics and business intelligence in the cloud is still quite a new concept for many, we are looking forward to our collaboration with Intel and giving customers competitive advantage when analysing their data.”

Today, Zizo’s analytics as a service is providing some of the UK’s leading businesses with billions of rows of data and we regularly have several thousand users per client using our visual solutions, every day. To learn more, please see our solutions page.

If you have any questions about the services and solutions Zizo can offer your business, please get in touch with us today.


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