Zizo attends the ISCC

Zizo attends International Super Computing Conference High Performance 2016

International Super Computing Conference (ISC) High Performance is the world’s oldest and Europe’s leading conference and exhibition for the high-performance computing community. This year’s event took place in Frankfurt between 19-23 June, and Matthew Napleton, Zizo’s Sales and Marketing Director, and I were delighted to have been amongst the 3,000-plus attendees, having been invited by Intel* to join its technology launch event.

On Sunday 19th June Intel had a special invitation-only event, which gave select partners a sneak preview of the high-performance features that Intel was trialling at ISC this year, The secondary theme for the event was Intel’s perception of the emerging cross-over between HPC (high-performance computing) and Cloud computing. The majority of the attendees were in the HPC space and we were one of only four ‘Cloud Service Providers’. Our role was to chair a series of roundtable discussions with the HPC vendors, describing how cloud services worked and how high-performance vendors could share knowledge and opportunity with cloud service provides to their mutual benefit.

We got to speak one-to-one with all of these vendors and were acquainted with several new opportunities. Attendees to ISC 2016 travelled from 56 countries in total, allowing us the opportunity to also meet a number of possible partner companies in Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan and the US. We were the only representatives from a business offering analytics as a service, which I’m pleased to report generated a lot of interest.

The afternoon was a chance to meet the technologists at Intel who were responsible for many of the innovations that Intel went on to reveal at the show:

·         OpenHPC/Scalable System Framework – Intel’s new contributions to the open source initiative to build high-performance solutions and inter-connected replaceable parts. Two of these parts are high-performance databases, so this was of particular interest

·         3D XPoint* and Intel’s roadmap for SSDs – we were able to confirm what the support is going to be for the use of SSDs as a massive extension to memory

·         Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor – Intel’s first bootable host processor for highly parallel workloads and machine learning. Its integrated fabric and memory technologies enable greater scalability and ability to handle a wide variety of workloads, including machine learning.

After the technical presentations, Matt and I had an opportunity to discuss Zizo’s unique approach to data analytics, along with our experiences of the latest generation of Solid State Drives (SSDs), with senior members of the Intel High Performance and Throughput Computing team. The discussion reflected the many mutual benefits and learnings we took away from the event, and we would like to thank the team at Intel for hosting us at what was a very beneficial and insightful experience.

Dr Tom Longshaw

Director of Research and Development

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