The BI Rabbit Hole

Business Intelligence – IT’s biggest Rabbit Hole

Are you investigating Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics? With Gartner placing BI & analytics on the top of CIO agenda for 2016, it has never been more important.  But beware, it will cost more than you think.

New research conducted by one of Europe’s leading IT research, analysis and consultancy organisations, Bloor and commissioned by Zizo, actually comes to some quite staggering conclusions about the level of investment needed in just the software required to run a business intelligence solution.

In response to the findings, we are hosting a free webinar with Bloor, which is sponsored by Dell and Intel, on the 4th April at 2pm.

To give you a bit of an insight – it is not just about how you see your data, there is a whole lot more to think about from a technology perspective when it comes to BI projects. For example, you will need:

1.       A database

a.       To hold the data

2.       Some Data quality tools

a.       To make sure the data is useful

3.       Extract, transform and load tools (ETL)

a.       To get the data into your database

4.       A Visual solution

a.       To actually show you your data

But this is just the starting point. Think about the other two main costs associated with any IT project, not just Business Intelligence:

1.       Hardware

a.       You may need an appliance, specialist hardware, which requires specialist software and skills, or you can install servers into your own data centre. Both of these need support and maintenance from your IT team

b.      Also, depending how mission critical you deem it to be, you may need twice as much (for disaster recovery) or maybe even three times (for full replication)

c.       Running on the cloud is one solution, but when you begin to scale, so does the cost.  And traditional databases have a habit of scaling in some very special ways (more on that to come in this blog)

2.       People

a.       These will be highly skilled database analysts or Business analysts who have years of experience in both delivering and supporting these solutions – salaries start here at £40,000 per year, rising to 6 figures for vendor specialist skills

b.      Even if you do have the skills already in house (which are a cost remember) you will need some training – which can run into tens of thousands of pounds, and will need to be renewed each year

Before you know it, your costs have outweighed any value you may have delivered, even if the projects succeed.  So what is the answer? Our webinar with Bloor, will reveal how you don’t need any tools, any hardware, any software or any training, and how by adopting a business-led service-based approach where the business need is defined and the problem entrusted to a third party that already has all the technology components and the skills required to turn the base data into business intelligence, organisations can experiment with data, change horizons and innovate as they need to – and at a predictable cost, with an acceptable level of risk.

Does your business need help navigating the Business Intelligence rabbit hole? If so, get in touch with us and we’ll help you to get the best business intelligence possible.


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