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Some of you may remember reading that we were sponsoring the September edition of the Nimbus Ninety IGNITE series, and co-chairing a breakout session with Intel at the event. Well, we’re pleased to announce the two-day leadership summit, which took place on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 September, was a great success; our presentation was well-received, and the event provided an invaluable platform for us to, in turn, learn about the needs and solutions of others in the arena.

“Both days were very well attended by representatives from a range of sectors and professional backgrounds, with vendors as established as IBM present, right through to the smallest start-ups.” explains Matthew Napleton, Marketing Director, Zizo, who presented during the breakout session. “There was a wide spectrum of opinion and experience as a result, and a lot of forward thinkers keen to discuss the goings on of the digital transformation world.”

The presentation, ‘Building a Robust Data & Analytics Strategy to support Digital Transformation’, was presented to an audience of 75-plus attendees and triggered much interest in the Zizo solution. “Our messaging around how businesses should be using data, and how they can go about understanding the information of relevance, is really resonating. A lot of businesses are undergoing a phase of digital transformation and it’s not an easy thing to do. Zizo can offer a comfort blanket of sorts in that we understand there are data problems, but in many ways they are not new data problems; they’re just dressed up in a slightly different way.”

Matthew continues: “The change in how industry and enterprise are thought about, and even competition in terms of a greater willingness from companies to work together, is really important. IBM raised an interesting point in one of their talks at the event, stating that 70 per cent of businesses that made the Fortune 100 of 2004 didn’t exist in 2014; they have either been bought, gone bust or are now so small they are no longer a player. That’s quite a scary thought for organisations as it really is change or die, and data obviously plays a huge part in that.”

All in all, the event was an opportunity to make some firm friends and engage in some open and honest appraisals of different business strategies. “I’d like to thank the Nimbus Ninety team for their support and professionalism throughout, and congratulate them on organising a truly successful summit.

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