How data will be changing everything in 2015

As we launch our new website, our Marketing Director Matthew Napleton shares his thoughts and predictions on how business’ application of data will evolve this year and its impact on decision-making. From the Internet of Things to mobile data analysis, here are five key data topics businesses will be hearing a lot more about.

1 – Enriching data will become the norm
Adding external data resources to the existing data held by a business will provide it with more actionable insight that can be used to improve customer engagement and get ahead of its competition. As more and more data becomes available, the cost of finding vital, commercially beneficial information will drop significantly. Empowered by some of the other data elements in this list, this should be something that all companies look to do – or face being left behind!

2 – The Internet of Things will finally take off
With more and more devices becoming connected to the Internet, we are now in a position where the technology is available to look at and take advantage of this huge volume of data. The question will be what to do with it – and who will get there first?

3 – Mobile analytics will become vital
Consumers and businesses will want to have access to all of this data, wherever they are. Mobile analytics doesn’t just mean on a mobile phone of course – as tablets increase their proliferation into the business market and gain more processing power, this is one area that could really take off this year.

4 – Analytics as a service will gain even more traction
After a great 2014, analytics as a service will have an even bigger year. Following large investments in the infrastructure to run the service, widespread adoption of smaller, ad-hoc solutions is not far off, particularly in the SME market which has long been overlooked by the larger vendors.

5 – The idea of ‘big data’ will start to drop off the radar
People are bored of big data now – it hasn’t happened in the way it should have. In many ways, the elements above are changing the way that we handle and define big data. In fact, maybe big data isn’t big any more – it’s small. Just lots of small data and the big companies haven’t found a way of solving the cost benefit problem here yet. That’s all to play for…

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