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The Kinetic EdgeTM Alliance (KEA), is a collaboration among leading software, hardware, networking and infrastructure companies committed to driving the broad adoption of compute, storage, access and interconnection at the edge of the cellular network, making edge computing easy. KEA members share the common goal of accelerating the national rollout of edge computing at the wireless access edge by forward-deploying IT infrastructure and services at the perimeter of the cellular network, as well as assembling key technical partners to support early rollouts.

By assembling best-in-class member companies from across the industry, the KEA seeks to provide comprehensive real-world architectures for edge computing deployments at the edge of the telco network. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of new rollouts and ongoing operations. As more companie join the KEA, their unique offerings will also become a part of this edge recipe book.

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Everyone is impressed by the completeness of the data and the ease with which they can view that data. No-one discusses doing this any other way

Phil Crewe, Parcelforce