Developer Diary – Willing to be Wrong

Willing to be wrong

While listening to a podcast titled ’In Conversation with UX Magazine’, a phrase was coined by one of the guests – Joe Natoli – that struck a chord. Joe is an enterprise User Experience (UX) consultant and the author of a new book called Think First; a straightforward guide to delivering great UX design and strategy. The point he made, and indeed the title of this blog – willing to be wrong – is a fundamental step in the process for any good UX designer or UX team.

Technology companies are always striving to build products that solve problems and there is often a drive to create that magic bullet that can solve similar issues for everyone. At Zizo, we offer analytics as a service, from loading the data to presenting it in a web application or report. We are building products that scale and can be delivered extremely quickly to cater for as many scenarios as possible. However, we also work closely with our clients and, from experience, know that every business is different with its own unique set of requirements.

It is particularly challenging when building a product as a service to meet the demands of every client in one hit. If a client signs up to a service and then later finds they have to change their entire business process all at once, you are likely heading for failure. It might impact the client’s business and inevitably see them move away from what you offer.

So, how do we stop this from happening? Well, at Zizo, we are putting more and more focus on the UX of our products.  While maintaining our approach of solving the vast majority of problems facing our clients, we also work out how we meet those remaining challenges that we do not currently cater for. We are willing to be wrong. After all, who knows their business better than they do?

Through carrying out research and talking to the end-user of our systems, we can fill in the gaps we may otherwise have missed. Wireframes and prototypes are then produced and deliberated over internally before being presented to the client for review. We can then make revisions before going into development knowing everyone is happy. Ultimately, Zizo’s user-centric design process gives early visibility of what the customer can continue to expect from us.

Zizo will always look to put new ideas and ways of thinking in front of you, particularly, when it comes to our ability to work with your data.  But, crucially, we will take the time to get it right for your business.

By Sam CarterSenior Consultant at Zizo

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