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Interview with Zizo’s Sale & Marketing Director, Matthew Napleton and Madeleine Hudson from Dell – Tech Page One

Madeleine Hudson: How long have you been with Zizo?

8 years

MH: Describe your company and what it does in 50 words or less. 

MN: Zizo is a next generation ‘analytics as a service’ business. We transform granular data into actionable business information using our patented technology and accelerated approach; allowing our clients to receive the business critical information they desperately need without investing in hardware or software, people or training.

MH: What is your biggest daily/weekly challenge?

MN: Here at Zizo we differ from many other organizations in the analytics space, in that as part of our service we do all of the ‘heavy lifting’ including data integration, data cleansing and insight delivery.  As part of this, we have to ensure that the data (and therefore the insight) delivered to our clients has the integrity required to make the right business decisions.

MH: What is your greatest daily/weekly satisfaction? 

MN: I think it links into the challenge above actually; hearing from our clients that the solutions we deliver are being used to transform their business, either from a commercial or operational perspective.  We see data having real transformational capabilities, and we love hearing stories about it!

MH: In your view, what has been the most significant technological and/or business driver to have emerged over the last five years (i.e. cloud, hosted services, thin clients, social media, flexible working….) and why?

MN: From a technology perspective, I think you would have to say cloud.  Although we have only recently seen it reach some form of maturity (both in public and private clouds), we are seeing an increase in adoption rates, and it’s is now being seen as a real alternative to traditional approaches.  This is echoed by changes in the IT business itself, with hardware manufacturers transitioning into service led, cloud based businesses.  Also, businesses look to the cloud to become more agile, and strip some capital costs from their IT functions, as they can consume (and pay) for solutions the way they want to.

MH: How do you see IoT (Internet of Things) technologies (distributed networks, edge analytics, big data etc) driving change across business organisations?

MN: Here at Zizo we think that the IoT is going to have a tremendous impact on business as we move forward. We are already seeing a plethora of consumer devices that contain transmitters and chips for fitness, or for location services.  The questions for business is understanding the value locked within the data, and then actually getting to that data at a price point that makes sense.  There is no point deploying millions of connected devices if you aren’t going to see a return on investment.  Finally, businesses will have to learn to work together to get the real value from their data – and this ‘data democratization’ may be a long time coming.

MH: Why Dell?

MN: Dell have the capability to provide Zizo with the latest, and most reliable, hardware solutions, all in a timeframe that means that our clients can rely on the solutions we deliver to bring real value and great performance.

MH: Why the channel?

MN: For us here at Zizo (and this relates to the world of big data), we are aware that we are not the solution to every problem.  We want to work with partners of all shapes and sizes to grow and the channel offers the best way to do this.

MH: How (or in what ways) did you interact with your partner, Dell, in the last month?

MN: As a relatively new partner, we have been working closely with the Service Provider team to develop our best approach to the market via Dell, developing campaigns and understanding the benefits associated with working through the channel. We look forward to forming a much closer relationship over the next 12 months plus.

To read more about Zizo’s partnership with Dell, visit our blog page or contact us on 01908 366662


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