Data scientists- do we really need them?

Every business executive thinks they need one when the truth is, with the right tools anyone can be a ‘data scientist.’

The need for a business to hire an employee to look after its data stems right back to the 1980’s. The Database Analyst (DBA) became the one person who was really in control of the business’ data; the one who understood it, the one who knew which buttons to press and when and the person who could read and deliver the data to the business.

Fast-forward 30 years, and we see the introduction of the Data Scientist.

Big data has undoubtedly been this, and last, year’s big buzzword. Every executive wants to deploy it in their business, even if they’re not really sure what it is, how it functions or what it can really do for them. And so the Data Scientist was born.

But why the introduction of this highly paid, highly sought after Job title?

What we should be doing is trying to put data back into the hands of the business user, not creating another level of complexity. Collating data for the sake of having it, and curating it alone, is an entirely wasted exercise. Big Data – especially when it comes to business – only has value if it has meaning, and it can only have meaning for an individual who can apply it: the business user. And this is easily done; new, easy to use, powerful, and – most importantly for the business – value driven database technology combined with visualisation tools provide users with quick access to data, and answers to their business questions.

Zizo is proof that these new technologies don’t have to be highly complicated or expensive.

So let’s get out of the situation we’ve been in for far too many years now, let’s start spreading the data wealth.

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