Big Data In Your Pocket

There is no doubt that the demand for business apps is at an all time high. According to recent trends, this demand has increased tenfold over the past year and the profusion of mobile devices has changed businesses’ expectations about access to information; wanting data anytime, any where.

And this is particularly the case in retail. Retailers want access to their data on the go, whether they are checking stock on the shop floor or looking for a breakdown in financial information, what they are used to seeing on their computer screen they want to be able to visualise in the palm of their hand. Why work with huge excel spread sheets when intelligent logic can provide clear answers?

However, a mobile screen is much smaller than a PC screen and accessing huge volumes of data can certainly prove tricky. For Zizo, mobile makes us think about how our clients want to consume data. We don’t want to return a billion rows to their mobile device so it is important to crunch the data that in turn shows smaller and clearer snippets. Here, visualisation becomes important to quickly identify what is important on screen.

It’s clear that mobile application development is a thriving business and can provide businesses with new and innovative ways of working. Depending on how a business wants to implement a mobile strategy, whether it is to build a brand or to help the business function, it will definitely help businesses grow and gain a competitive edge in this ever-evolving world of technological changes. Zizo’s proven connectivity for both business and retail, plus the ability to handle large amounts of big data, provide a solid base for serving these apps. Getting small data from big data is the next big challenge.

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