Big Data in a Mobile World

Retailers are embracing every aspect of technology innovation in the drive to engage customers in a fast changing environment – from harnessing big data to improve the price/product/placement effectiveness, to new in-store experiences that leverage social media. Yet, as Matthew Napleton highlights, there still remains limited connection between these innovative ideas and the real time experience in each store.

Instead, from the introduction of iPads to the creation of planograms, retail strategy is implemented from head office, in advance: despite clear changes in behaviour and attitudes, the retailer is still second guessing the customer’s expectations.

I believe retailers really need to be getting real-time data onto the shop floor and into the hands of the decision makers – something the Zizo service can offer. It is the ability to positively affect live decision-making that can make a real difference to both bottom line profitability and customer experience. The truth is, the ability to provide online, actionable analytics via mobile devices into the actual retail environment is transformational.

By mobilising those on the shop floor, the store layout, product performance, the impact of promotions, marketing and TV campaigns can be reviewed and considered continuously – at store level, by the individuals in a position to make the decisions that can make a difference. The more granular the information and the more frequently it is updated, the more successful each manager, each store and each retailer is going to be.

Also, improving the customer experience is not just about innovative concepts. It is about changing the mix of what is in store – not based on yesterday’s performance or some annual analysis of store performance and demographics, but as a reflection of actual customer behaviour both in that store and online, via social media, in real-time.

Ultimately, by harnessing big data analytics and providing relevant, trusted and up to date information via mobile to the shop floor, retailers move beyond playfully innovative ideas and take the next step in delivering a truly responsive and innovative customer experience.

If you want to learn more about how Zizo’s tried and trusted Big Data Analytics as a service and expertise in big data analyitcs can help your business thrive, get in touch with us today.


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