2016 – A Year in Review

Awards, Appointments and Partnerships

We couldn’t be prouder of our team. We won two awards in 2016! Following winning a Biztech Brightsparc award for Best Business to Business Technology Innovation, we were delighted to be awarded with the prestigious title of ‘Business IT Innovation of the Year’ at the BCS and Computing UK IT Industry Awards. We also made it as finalists in the Computing Magazine Vendor Excellence Awards in the Big Data Innovation of the Year category.

Milton Keynes is fast becoming the UK’s new tech hub and winning a local and a national award for business innovation, and have the opportunity to be among the UK’s elite in technology and IT, has been such an amazing achievement and a highlight of the year for us.

We also made a number of big announcements throughout 2016, including news that Zizo had been selected to join Dell’s Service Provider Partner programme and Intel’s Cloud Service Provider program. Now, the Zizo® platform is being bolstered with data centre hardware technology, supported by Dell and is running solely on Intel’s E7 Xeon Processors, which provides exceptional performance and scalability for real-time analytics operating on multi-terabyte and even petabyte-scale datasets.


As well as attending award ceremonies, we’ve been supporting Intel at some of its own events and joined them at Nimbus Ninety’s leadership summit, IGNITE, in September. Additionally, we were invited to be part of a panel discussion, hosted by Dell at Cloud Expo Europe.

Industry News

As Gartner placed Business Intelligence (BI) & analytics on the top of CIO agenda for 2016, we issued research revealing the level of investment needed in just the software required to run a business intelligence solution. With smart technology, organisations really don’t need any tools, hardware, software or any training, and by adopting a business-led service-based approach, where the business need is defined and the problem entrusted to a third party that already has all the technology components and the skills required to turn the base big data into business intelligence, organisations can experiment with data, change horizons and innovate as they need to – and at a predictable cost, with an acceptable level of risk.

In addition, companies need confidence. They need to see cloud services and Managed Service Providers actively providing analytics services on the data already held within their data services. They need to have access to fast, effective data evaluation processes and options for quick, business focused activity that supports specific business objectives.

The Internet of Things (IoT) also dominated the 2016 agenda and whilst it is exciting, simply adding sensors to every piece of equipment or every location, from shop floors to petrol pumps, is not going to change the world. While a predicted 20 billion connected devices will be in place by 2020, we wonder how many businesses yet truly understand how this connected world will drive new value and create new revenue streams and how can they leverage this rich data source?

With cloud analytics as a service model so compelling – from the investment in secure cloud infrastructure globally to the creation of dedicated analytics tools designed specifically to handle and drive value from vast data volumes. Organisations now have the chance to embrace IoT and explore these new data resources with minimal investment – opting for a monthly fee model to gain access to both the technology and data experts required to help prioritise activity and identify new data driven data streams.

Moving into 2017

Well, we can safely say that 2016 was a busy but a very exciting year for Zizo and the industry too, with lots of innovative solutions entering the market. As we look ahead to the next 12 months, we have a lot in the pipeline and can’t wait to share further announcements!

Prediction wise – we believe that more businesses will be adopting cognitive analytics, with the desire to democratise data and empower business people to better innovate, collaborate and communicate. By removing human pre-judgement and side-stepping the time and complexity of traditional big data analytics projects, cognitive is proving to be a viable option for companies of any size.

Cognitive is about empowering business users with new connections, from customer behaviour to merchandising, driver performance to patient diagnosis. The value of a dispassionate approach has been demonstrated clearly by an exercise undertaken using IBM’s Watson cognitive engine.  Analysis of patient records revealed a new set of opportunities for diagnosis that doctors – trained to look at very specific areas – had not considered.  The ability to empower business users to apply this thinking to specific operational areas offers huge potential value.

It now just leaves us to thank all of our customers, partners and team and to wish everyone a prosperous New Year!

The Zizo Team

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